The Doctor Is In: Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream Review

Sunday evenings are spa evenings here at Beauty Bylaws headquarters, and given that the last couple of weeks have been über stressful, let’s just say, I’m really enjoying it, haha! I’m currently sitting with a sheet mask on my face, fresh nail paint drying, and a mug of Crème Caramel Rooibos tea from David’s Tea clutched in my hand. Ahhh…this is the life, hold on tight and this is the dream, it’s all I need  (#throwback to the good ol’ innocent Hannah Montana days)! #bliss

Seeing as it is spa day, I thought I’d write up a quick little post on one of my favourite products. I’ve been using the Origins Eye Doctor eye cream for just over a year now and I have zero complaints. In fact, at this point, it’s gone beyond no complaints…I think it’s safe to say that I’m in love

An Unintentional (Yet Much Needed) Mini Sabbatical

Erhm, it’s Saturday. My last published post was on Monday. Egads.

Let me start by saying three simple words: I’m so sorry. I’ve been distant this week and it’s not cool of me to have just cut out with no explanation. The short of it? There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes — really fun, exciting things — and they took all of my time and attention this week. Moreover, I needed a bit of a break. It’s weird, beauty blogging is something I’m so, so passionate about and love to do, and have been “getting into” the blogging world more and more and more since the new year began, but it’s something that can very easily take over your life if you let it. Like, we’re talking, losing sleep, skipping meals, not obsessing over the new Avengers trailer release when you should be taking over. While I LOVE it and want to progress further and further into the deep, scary and freakin’ awesome abyss that is beauty & lifestyle blogging, sometimes, one needs to take a breath, step away and reassess. You’d think that having just come back from vacation, I would have had time to do that then, right? You’re wrong, very, very wrong, friend. My vacation to Lisbon, while magical and exciting and wonderful, was quite stressful for me — or, the first half of it, at least. I spent the first few days of the trip freaking out about all of the posts I could/should have been writing but was far too sick to write (I wasn’t exaggerating when I said a few days ago that during the first couple of days in Lisbon, I barely had enough energy to brush my hair). Then, almost overnight, a new perspective hit me and I realized that life is about being in the moment and that, the very best part of this trip is that it was one of those freaky, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and I better start enjoying it, now. Thus, I planned #LisbonWeek and started to actually relax.

Until I got home, and all that needed to be done crept over me like a big, scary, powerful shadow and my heart rate, along with my blood pressure, spiked. I needed to regroup. I needed to breatheSo, I did.

So, yes, I cut out like a bandit with hot jewels in their pocket would. And yes, I didn’t explain a damn thing. And yes, that was shady and uncool of me, friend. But, please know, not a day passes by when I’m not “working” on this site. Ways to make it a better, more fun place to come visit. Ways to make your reading experience a more pleasurable one. And, this week has been a great one for planning and starting projects that I’m ecstatic to share with you, when the time comes. Overall, I don’t think that time was wasted, even though you’ve been without posts for the last few days (for which, I apologize). And one thing I can say, one thing I know for sure, for a fact: it’s going to be one freakin’ amazing and epic summer for us here at Beauty Bylaws. I just know it. 😉

Regular posts will resume starting tomorrow (that’s right, tomorrow!), and the posting schedule will be a bit different for a couple of weeks as things move, progress and change, but I’ll be back to my Monday – Friday posting patterns before you know it. :)

Honestly, I can’t wait to see what the summer (and the rest of the year) brings for #BeautyBylaws, and I’m excited to embark on this journey with the only person I’d want to go on it with, you.

Love always,

The Micro Mini

 Forever 21 // Coach // Aritzia
JustFab // Kate Spade // Kate Spade // Rebecca Minkoff

Honestly, sometimes, it is really hard being a woman. Before you roll your eyes and I lose you forever, why is it that we have to carry around bags full of stuff we think we might need…giant wallets, agendas, pens, lip gloss, erhm, personal feminine hygiene products, everything, and men get to just stroll around with their wallets and cell phones shoved in their pockets, end of? I hate to sound like a bratty child, but it’s just not fair! To make matters worse, when the warmer months roll around, the last thing I, personally, want to do is carry around luggage disguised as a handbag. No, I want to carry less, fuss less and have more fun!

Enter the micro mini, and I tell you, this just happens to be a Spring/Summer 2015 trend that I’m really going to enjoy. The micro mini, if you haven’t heard, is exactly what it sounds like, a bag so small, it cranks the very definition of mini  up a notch. These bags are basically what many women call wallets, with sizes so microscopic (she says loosely), you can only fit the absolute essentials in there (read: cell phone, cash & lip balm). Think of a modern, fresh and fashionable version of an evening clutch, just for daytime! I’ve been crushing on micro bags for the last little while now, I just love everything about them! So cute, so chic and so…mini! 

Would you give one of these lovely mini bags a whirl?

Much love,