No, I’m not talking about the spice combo that transforms your favourite Indian dish (that’s masala, haha), and no, I’m not talking about the full-bodied, flavourful wine, either, though, I could really use some of both either right now (being sick absolutely sucks). No, no, I’m talking about Pantone’s 2015 Colour of the Year that I am in love with! Ever since they announced the new “it” colour of 2015 last week, I’ve been drooling over the rich, earthy, deep burgandy-brown shade and getting all excited for the new beauty, fashion and home décor products that are surely in production right this very second.

The Minimalist Approach

Let’s face it, this is a stressful time of year. Whether you’re working towards that big end of year report, studying for exams or just shopping for gifts for your loved ones, stress is at an all-time high right about now. Sometimes, it’s really nice to simplify things, if only for a day, and just sit back and relax. On these days, I can usually be spotted in no makeup, sweatpants and one of my dad’s big, cozy cardigans, but, this is ALSO the time of year when friends and family tend to drop in and make unscheduled visits. As your friend, I will tell you that there is pretty much nothing worse than your parents’ good friends and their hot son “dropping by” when you are sporting the world’s messiest top knot, you have acne cream on that breakout, your glasses are wonky, you’re sweating because you’ve been in front of the fireplace for too long and your lip is bleeding from when you got a little too involved when you got to one of your favourite, most page-turn-worthy parts whilst re-reading the Hunger Games. Not that I speak from experience, or anything, no, of course not. #theoppositeofsexy

This is where this look comes in ultra handy! It’s easy, it’s simple and it literally takes less than 4 minutes to achieve from start to finish. And, what’s nice is, you’ll look presentable and totally natural, and you’ll also get a nice break from the full makeup routine and all of the shimmer, glitter and heavy makeup that is usually associated with this time of year.

Essie Fifth Avenue | Nail Of The Day

This is one of my favourite times of the year, not for the total lack of outdoor activity, not for the short days, and certainly not for the weather, but for the lead-up to the holidays. Think about it, the hot drinks by the fire, the lovely layers and the idea of giving back to the ones that you love and to society as a whole; it is literally the most wonderful time of the year! With that, comes another great plus, the festive nail polish! Whether you opt for red, green, gold, silver, blue or glittery shades, you’re bound to fit in with the festivity and coziness of the season. Today, I personally felt a little more “classic,” so I went for one of my all-time favourite nail polishes, Essie Fifth Avenue.

Beauty Wishlist: Fall & Winter 2014


Seeing as I’m about as flush as Oliver Twist right now, I thought it would be the appropriate time to share all of the objects of my desire in the beauty realm for the season.